Planning vs Licensing – Shared Housing

A row of typical red brick British terraced houses

Many people think that planning and licensing are the same thing and are managed by the same departments in the council … this is not correct and mixing these things up could be a costly mistake. A simple way to think about the difference is that planning relates to the building and licensing relates to […]

Purchasing a Property with Tenants In Situ

Exterior Of Victorian Terraced Houses

Most properties are bought with ‘vacant possession’, meaning that no-one is living in the property. However, in some cases, especially the rental market, some properties are bought with tenants in situ. This means that a tenant is living in the property, who pays rent on a frequent basis, and will have an assumed AST (assured […]

The Importance of Referencing Prospective Tenants

Opening a door to house with key

It has always been known that you get many amazing tenants, and then some that don’t pay their rent, damage the property, and then refuse to admit any of their wrongdoings. Referencing services have been around for a little while, but by the day, the job they do is becoming increasingly more important. While the […]