Why choose Blue Eight lettings

rooms to rent in swansea

Our property management services, house sharing rental solutions and lettings agents in Swansea provide you with a comprehensive end-to-end service, including:

  1. We have been managing properties since 2004 and between the 3 directors of the business we have 35 years of property management experience.
  3. We have a mixed portfolio of single let properties and shared houses.  We manage 65 single lets & 31 shared houses comprising 170 rooms.
  5. Professional service from a family run business
  7. Knowledge of the area – we have been investing in the area for over 5 years
  9. Our values – integrity, honesty and openness
  11. We are experienced property investors and landlords who understand what you want and need
  13. For transparency, we use a modern, user friendly app so you can report and track maintenance issues, see your rent details and communicate directly with agent
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or if you prefer drop us a line