The Importance of Referencing Prospective Tenants

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It has always been known that you get many amazing tenants, and then some that don’t pay their rent, damage the property, and then refuse to admit any of their wrongdoings.

Referencing services have been around for a little while, but by the day, the job they do is becoming increasingly more important.


While the Welsh government has faced many challenges through helping the economy recover from the worst effects of Covid-19, it has also increased the eviction notice period to a minimum of 6 months.

The only way someone could be evicted quicker is through Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB as commonly referred to). However, this can be extremely hard to prove in court and the court process can end up taking as long as the eviction notice for any other reason.


It is important to ensure you or your letting agent are carrying out all of the standard referencing checks prior to a tenancy start date, and are able to prove that they have done all in their power to ensure the tenant is likely to treat the property in a tenant-like manner.

Things to look out for are Employers References, Previous Landlord References, Credit Checks and all those that come with it like CCJs etc.


No, referencing doesn’t always mean that you are guaranteed the perfect tenant who pays rent on time, leaves the property exactly how it was then they arrived, but you are much more likely to have tenant with this manner.

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